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WHEN I read the case papers of former Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs and leader of the ‘Israel is our Home’ bloc, Avigdor Lieberman, the malpractices committed by some of our current and former lawmakers crossed my mind.

If the Israeli law is applied on our lawmakers, none of them will remain in their parliamentary seats. Not just that, none of them would ever dream of contesting the parliamentary elections again. Some of them may even end up behind bars.

Lieberman’, who is a fanatic Jew, has been referred to the Public Prosecution for swindling and breach of the trust. Do you know why? because he mediated on behalf of one young man to find him a job in the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This incident reminds me of our lawmakers.

Our lawmakers mediate on behalf of hundreds of people to find them jobs in places of their choice.

Some of those recruits are housewives who do not even enter their offices but are paid regularly. Some of them are first to tenth degree relatives while others are ‘election time’ friends.

This is done by disregarding hundreds of deserving applicants.

Lieberman has landed himself in hot waters because he helped ‘Za’eef bin Areeh’ as Israel’s Ambassador to Belarus. It has been reported he is a close relative of Lieberman.

Moreover, it is also said that bin Areeh gave confidential information to Lieberman regarding suspicions of corruption against him.

The Israeli judiciary filed a case against Lieberman after the Israeli Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs testified that Lieberman had compelled members of the Foreign Appointments Committee to select bin Areeh as ambassador.

The legal circles do not expect the Public Prosecution to strike a deal with Lieberman, but should it happen, Lieberman will have to admit the charge before he is accused of dishonesty or even bringing disgrace to his profession according to the strict Israeli law. The destiny and the future of Lieberman will be decided in liaison with this crime.

If he is convicted of the (dishonesty) crime, Netanyahu will not be able to accommodate him in his Cabinet. Moreover, Lieberman will not be able to contest the parliamentary election for the next seven years according to Israeli law. Even if he wins the elections before the trial, he will lose his seat if the court finds him guilty.

I pity our moral deterioration compared to Israel because when the Higher Elections Committee in Kuwait barred more than one candidate from contesting the parliamentary elections because of suspicions they were involved in crimes of honor and honesty, our Secretariat-General gave them the green signal to contest the polls.

I pity the lack of clarify of laws — laws of honesty and transparency. If we apply the Israeli law and its criteria, many of our lawmakers will not remain in their seats.

I am sure Israel won many wars against us because of our bad morals!


By: Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli Former Minister of Oil

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