Luage, Soriano star as KEO edge Global Al Tazaj floor Movenpick; Slashers slump against Crowne Plaza

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 12: The Filipino Basketball League (FBL) conference saw five matches Friday, with KEO downing Global 69-66 with a mix of teamwork and strategy.

KEO were in a belligerent mood from the get-go ending the first quarter with a 10-point lead at 19-9. However, Global held their nerves and answered in the second quarter with 17 baskets, yet KEO kept the lead at 34-26.

With each team scoring 17 points in the third quarter, the game moved to 51-43, KEO on top. Global took out its best in the last quarter, pulling no punches to shake KEO. As the gap closed fast, and the possibility of the game tipping either side, Global tried harder, while KEO took advantage of the lead they amassed in the earlier rounds to scrape home.

Luage and Soriano were the key players for KEO, who crafted the team’s win. A large bulk of the scoring for Global came from Fernandez, who scored 18 points.

Al Tazaj defeated Movenpick in the second fixture of the day 69-57. Tazaj opened brilliantly with a yawning lead of 23-15, and maintained the momentum into the second quarter when the scorecard read 37-26.
Movenpick fought back in the third round outperforming the competition to score 12 points. However, the overall scores still weighed heavily on Tazaj side at 45-38. Tazaj didn’t have to break much sweat to maintain the lead and snapped the game 69-57.

Nicolas and Ausa were the big players for Tazaj who together scored more than half of the total haul. For the Global, Balolong did most of the scoring.

Crowne Plaza pulled a last-gasp win against All Star Slashers in the third game, clinching a cliffhanger 89-87. Crowne Plaza opened with a poor show at 10-20, as Kyong Doyongan caused much damage with support from Regie Sotclo.

However, Crowne Plaza was only suffering a minor starting hiccup, as they came out all guns blazing in the second quarter with 24 points. Yet, Slashers led 34-44. Bendita and Chris were slowly building up Crowne Plaza’s scores, searching for opportunities to exploit.

The third quarter saw the tables turning, with Crowne Plaza drawing with Slashers taking 30 points, while Slashers managed only 20 in reply. The scores stood at 64-64. The final round had fireworks as the equals clashed for supremacy.

Atona and Bendita wrought magic for Crowne Plaza scoring alternately to clinch a 2-point lead at buzzer. The game ended 89-87, safe in Crowne Plaza’s hands.

Samuel lost to KFM in the fourth game 69-83. Samuel began on a high note leading 16-10, and following it up with 24-20 in the second quarter. The game seemed to swing in Samuel’s favor, just when the winds changed direction in the third quarter, for a 55-61 finish with KFM on the lead. The last quarter ended 69-83.

Valera of KFM was adjudged the best player.

In the game between KTS and Kuwait Energy, Kuwait Energy won 68-63. KTS was on the back foot from the start, trailing by more than dozen baskets, in the opening quarter. However, they clawed back into the game, but only managed to blunt humiliation, and couldn’t avert a defeat. The rounds progressed 4-18, 13-37, 36-50 and 63-68.

By: Valiya S. Sajjad Arab Times Staff

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