Arab Basijis by law

The Arabs, especially the fundamentalists, said of the Islamic Republic of Iran what they did not dare say of anyone else, even a drunkard.

The regime in Iran depends on the Islamic political bloc and the Islamic ruling party. It has a supreme leader, a head of state who is also the prime minister, then there is the police and there is the army which are found in any given country but they have one unique feature — the feature which has been used to suppress the Iranians. This has been happening since the Iranian Revolution in 1979. That feature is the Revolutionary Guard or the Basijis.

The Basijis is a militia group which has managed to protect the regime by standing against anyone who opposes the current Iranian regime.

This kind of ruling style has kind of made the Arab fundamentalists salivate, particularly those who kidnapped the national revolutions in certain countries and now try to monopolize the rule just like what happened in Iran.

There are two nations which have cloned the Iranian revolution — the Muslim Brotherhood Group in Tunisia and Egypt.

In Tunisia, there was huge uproar about the draft constitution which is currently being prepared. One of its articles directly opens the door to arming the militias.

Indeed, Tunisia wants to clone the experience of Iran’s Basijis and it even has an unofficial copy what is known as ‘Protector of revolution union’. This union organizes demonstrations in support of the government and also acts violently against opposition journalists, unionist and artists.

Last December, the head of ‘Nahdha’ movement (Tunisian Ayatollah Rashid Al-Ghanushi) refused to listen to opposition voices and private organizations to disband the militia union. He dubbed the militia union as ‘The conscience of the revolution’ which overthrew the dictator Zin el-Abidin ben Ali on Jan 14, 2011.

Article 95 of the Constitution draft law states, ‘Only the state has the authority to form armed forces (army) and security forces, and it is not allowed to establish any armed bodies which is not under the national army or national security except by the rule of law’.

The moderate youth organization in Tunisia is against that article because it can be used to issue a law which can legitimize the militia group such as ‘Protector of revolution union’. The group is demanding the cancellation of the phrase “except by the rule of law’’, which allows the government to do so... the battle is on.

Coming to Egypt... every one is aware of the recent high level Iranian security delegation visit to Egypt. The delegation met some top Egyptian officials. This visit led to the resignation or rather ‘dismissal’ of the Egyptian Minister of Interior because he protested for being kept in the dark and what transpired during the visit.

An Iranian official, a high-ranking official in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, as reported by the Al-Qabas daily and other dailies, does not oppose — as we have mentioned — the cloning of its experiment which has so far been successful to suppress the enemies of the fundamental ruling faction.

Recently, we saw how the armed Brotherhood militia dealt with those who opposed the Brotherhood group or Morsi — the trick was to prevent demonstrators from pitching tents who had gathered outside the new Egyptian presidential palace.

It is not a farfetched notion that the Muslim Brotherhood regime in Egypt, which believes strongly in the fascist ideology rather than Islamic preaching — after it managed to grab power — would seek to follow in the footsteps of Iran and will legally establish a militia group consisting of its supporters and thugs.
Rejoice! Oh Arabs and fundamentalists — your ruling systems are cloned from the Iranian Revolutionary Guards (Basijis) in the East. We are all worried. You are far from being democratic.

By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli Former Minister of Oil

By: Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

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