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‘Withdraw slimming Brazil Coffee from market’ Dangerous substance found: group

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 18: The Greenline Group is calling on Kuwait Municipality, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Environment Public Authority and Ministry of Health to urgently withdraw from the Kuwaiti market a product branded as Brazil Coffee used for slimming, reports Al-Kuwaitiya daily.

This came after the Saudi Food and Drug Board announced dangerous substances found in the coffee which contains high level of “sibutramine”.

The group explained the board has conducted several tests on the slimming Brazil Coffee by means of Chromatography and confirmed that each pack of the coffee contains 15 milligrams of sibutramine. The substance is banned internationally due to its side effects on the heart and blood circulation, while the manufacturer has manipulated the list of ingredients on the label by stating the product contains only caffeine, vitamins and minerals.

Meanwhile, the Undersecretary of Medicine and Medical Equipment in Ministry of Health Dr Omar Al-Sayed has said that sibutramine is banned from Kuwait by ministerial decree, due to its side effects.

He affirmed that the drug control department prohibits a mixture of any drug with this substance.

Dr Al-Sayed noted that products coming from East Asia are mostly manipulated in this manner, and did not rule out the possibility of the manufacturer or trader trying to cheat. He stressed those responsible for the product will be directly charged if it is found to have entered the country again.

In the same context, member of the Municipal Council Abdullah Al-Kandari called for necessary measures to be taken on this issue without delay to examine the alleged product. He also said the safety of the people of Kuwait is a priority that should be conserved.

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