New, deadly drug spreads ‘Crystal’, crime linked

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 20: A new drug has been in ‘circulation’ in Kuwait. The drug is called Crystal and a senior security official has warned this drug damages the nervous system, destroys vital organs and slowly but surely causes death, reports Al-Qabas daily.

The official said the drug is cheap and according to reliable information several young men and adolescents have begun taking this drug in many parts of the country. Kuwait, the official said, has become a popular market place for this drug which is affordable by rich and poor.

A security source, meanwhile, said the drug is smuggled into the country from an unidentified neighboring country and reproduced to increase the quantity by adding dangerous material, making the drug unfit for human consumption.

The source added Crystal is characterized by its immediate influence on the user and as a result the addict becomes aggressive in his/her behavior and tends to commit crimes. The drug also causes schizophrenia and vascular damage.

The source said the high rate of crime and violence in the country and also the aggressive behavior is linked to the spread of this drug.

The source pointed out many drug dealers have turned to this drug due to the ease in smuggling it into the country. It looks like coarse salt and one gram is sold for KD 20.

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